Here’s what’s catching our eye in cannabis news this week:

Sonoma and Yolo Counties have joined San Francisco and San Diego in working to help low-level cannabis offenders clear their records, with thousands already done across multiple counties. Many more could we close, especially if a new bill proposed by Assemblyman Rob Bonta passes.  According to Merry Jane, Assembly Bill 1793 would require all county courts in the state to identify eligible convictions and automatically expunge or redesignate them. “Government is supposed to provide rights to individuals, not create bureaucratic barriers and obstacles that prevent individuals from enjoying those rights,” Bonta explained to the site.

Cooking with cannabis (and cannabis oils) is increasing in popularity. One Epicurious staffer spent a week cooking with CBD oil and chronicled his journey. It’s a good read for some tips on how to best use the oil, and how not to. A tiny taste of what he found: Smoothies seem to be the trick!

Cannabis for autism? CBD has shown to be effective at helping balance the excitation sometimes associated with autism, as it may act as a pressure valve to prevent overstimulation, helping to reduce stress. This week Louisiana, which currently has legal medical marijuana for certain conditions, will consider adding autism to the list of approved use cases.

Finally, let’s not forget the movement by a certain politician to make hemp legal. Will be interesting to watch that one play out.

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