The cannabis industry is heating up and many are saying 2018 will be the year it takes over on a much broader national level. Big Rock is proud to partner with many talented founders and CEOs that that are pioneering this space, both through personal entrepreneurial endeavors or as lawyers fighting for this community.

These women are mothers, daughters, victims of debilitating illness, and so much more, but they all have one thing in common – they KNOW the benefits of cannabis and are paving the way for other female entrepreneurs in a new industry while educating people of all generations (one of the women below is entirely dedicated to helping seniors) about an alternative therapy that could just be exactly what they are looking for (two of them used cannabis to help their own ailments, one a crippling disorder, the other anxiety).

Below is a short list of some of the women we admire in this space – all doing great things. Do you know a powerful female in cannabis? We’d love to hear about her.

Carrie Tice, Octavia Wellness – Carrie Tice is founder and CEO of Octavia Wellness and is forging a path for seniors, introducing the positive benefits of cannabis to this audience and presenting an alternative to the opioid epidemic affecting so many in this generation. She founded the company after seeking information about which cannabis products might help her own mom following her diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease.

After researching the best cannabis treatment options for her, the discovery process left her frustrated, overwhelmed and confused. She began educating herself and sourcing the best cannabis products for family and friends. Within a year, she had created a network of people who were all being helped or were helping others gain safe access to reliable, trusted cannabis products. Shortly thereafter she resigned from her career in high-tech to start Octavia Wellness. Today, Octavia Wellness is proud to be the premiere, in-home, direct sales cannabis choice. The company is dedicated to serving multiple generations of people who want to feel better with cannabis products.

Hilary Bricken, Harris Bricken – Harris Bricken is a reputable law firm that has been leading the way in cannabis since 2010. While the mid-size full service business boutique firm handles way more than cannabis, the firm’s cannabis practice group now has 10 full time attorneys. Hilary is based in Los Angeles where she focuses on regulatory compliance and creating a community for cannabis companies at all stages, in California and beyond. She has hosted many webinars and regional events to foster discussions around legalized cannabis and is intensely dedicated to her clients and their missions. Her ambition and intelligence is only rivaled by her energy and wit.

Andrea Brooks, SAVA – Andrea Brooks is founder and CEO of SAVA, on online marketplace offering top quality cannabis goods available for delivery. SAVA was born after Andrea, overtaken by a life-crippling illness, personally discovered the benefits of cannabis for healing. A tincture offered her relief from the systemic nerve damage in her arms and spine, and healed her of the pain. At the same time, she found it challenging to find, and learn how, to use high-quality products. Freed from her bed and on the mend, Andrea had an epiphany. Her mission is now to help others navigate the world of medical marijuana and she aims to help educate people on the benefits of cannabis for healing various ailments while making top notch products easily accessible to all. SAVA offers a curated cannabis collection delivered to one’s door, along with the support and education needed to use cannabis for wellness.

Whitney Beatty, Apothecarry Case – Whitney Beatty is a trailblazing entrepreneur, a mom, and a purveyor of high-quality cannabis humidors and accessories that will keep herb products fresh, organized, and secure without sacrificing quality or style. As a mom, Whitney knows first-hand the importance of keeping cannabis products under lock and key from children, and as a black female CEO in the world of cannabis, she can speak to her challenges and wins.

Per Whitney in a story on her: “…after being diagnosed with anxiety, I had a doctor suggest it to me when I was having a hard time on the drugs they prescribed. I extensively researched the benefits of cannabis, shook off the years of stigma and decided to try it. As my knowledge of cannabis expanded, I became a proponent of the herb, but still didn’t identify with prevailing weed culture perpetuated in the media, nor the goods dripping with tie dye, green crosses, and bikini clad women targeted at them.”

Color us inspired.