We say all the time that the cannabis industry is “minute to minute” and we are continuously monitoring for the latest, be it changes in laws, cool new products, helpful research, inspiring stories, and so much more. Here’s what’s catching our eye in this week’s cannabis news:

Data analytics firm New Frontier Data analyzes what the cannabis industry would look like if it were legal nationwide. They have lots of interesting predictions, but the one about jobs is a standout: “If full legalization coast to coast happened today, there would be an excess of 654,000 jobs. This would increase to 1 million jobs by 2025.” Read more of their findings on Herb.co.  

NFL star, Ricky Williams, who missed two seasons playing in the NFL due to positive marijuana tests, has launched his own business to sell cannabis to health-conscious consumers, including salves, tonics, and vape cartridges. See what Ricky tells New York Daily News about the importance cannabis has played in his healing journey.

Know your edible dose! This is particularly important for new or inexperienced users. This LA Times story, “How to try edible cannabis without feeling like you’re going to die,” does a good job of explaining recreational dosing so you don’t bite off more than you can chew (literally).

Check back weekly for more cannabis news!