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Cannabis Panel: The Future of Cannabis in Food and Beverage

As cannabis becomes mainstream and more states adopt recreational legalization we’ll continue to see a variety of new cannabis related products entering the food and beverage space. This panel will discuss what we should expect to see from start-up cannabis F&B companies as well as discuss what some very large F&B companies have planned around cannabis (you’ll be surprised to learn which major F&B companies are developing cannabis products). We’ll also talk about the science being developed around these products, IE more efficient delivery systems for bio- availability, beverage infusion technology and accompanying economics. The panel consists of representatives from the product development, manufacturing, investing and consulting space around cannabis F&B.


  • Nathan Whigam, President at EN Capital


  • Joyce Cenali , Founding Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Big Rock Partners
  • Jeffrey Friedland, CEO at FC Global Strategies LLC
  • Thomas Mazarakis, Portfolio Advisor at Salveo Capital

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