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Reflective Design

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Reflective Design is focused on building transformative augmented reality applications for mental health, brain training, awareness expansion and meditation. Its team consists of medical doctors, psychologists, game designers and engineers with backgrounds in addiction medicine and therapeutic neuro-technologies. Reflective Design believes awareness and cognition can be trained and enhanced.


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Roastery is an end-to-end system, capable of roasting coffee as predictably, consistently, and deliciously as any top-tier, full size commercial coffee roaster that costs exponentially more to buy and operate. There’s minimal set-up and it requires no venting, continuous monitoring, or rigorous maintenance. The system ensures you will always have [...]


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Enklu is an immersive augmented reality platform for a new form of physically-integrated art and entertainment which can be experienced anywhere in the world. This platform allows users to communicate, collaborate, and move comfortably within any physical environment. Enklu was founded in 2016 by games industry and immersive development pioneers [...]

Pride Media

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Pride Media operates the most established, most recognized, and most talked-about media brands serving the LGBTQ market. Its award-winning content is delivered within a dynamic portfolio of media properties that are rich in history, culture, news, entertainment, fashion, and photography. Together, these properties capture the many facets of the LGBTQ [...]

Hiro Clark

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Hiro Clark is a menswear line for guys, rooted in classic t-shirts. Made from the highest quality 100% cotton (and researched to hell and back), Hiro Clark’s tees quickly become wardrobe favorites.

Marine Layer

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Marine Layer is a San Francisco-based premium casual apparel brand. Marine Layer designs and manufactures all of their own clothing, and every step of that process occurs here in California. Marine Layer sells through their website and retail stores in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Chicago, Miami and New York [...]

First Person Travel

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First Person Travel develops and runs all-inclusive immersive narrative adventure trips throughout the Bay Area. The Headlands Gamble is FPT’s first production, an extraordinary weekend trip for 2-4 people with a thrilling storyline woven through it. Participants and their travel companion(s) are the detectives in an immersive mystery story set [...]

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