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Juna is a cannabis and hemp collection of tinctures crafted in California with a farm-to-table philosophy to optimize pleasure — physically, spiritually, and gastronomically. Inspired by the art and science of fine winemaking, they source single-origin cannabis flowers and meticulously extract their full spectrum of beneficial nutrients and flavors.


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Founded in 2014, PharmaCann is the largest vertically-integrated and unified medical cannabis company operating in highly regulated states. With over 160 professionals, 8 dispensaries and 3 cultivation sites, they are focused on growth and pursuing emerging market opportunities everyday, including new states and licenses.

Garden Society

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Garden Society is a medical cannabis company focused on confections that merge insatiable flavors, responsibly sourced ingredients and high-quality cannabis. Its products are chefinspired, artisan low-dose cannabis confections, created exclusively from locally grown organic ingredients.


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Genetic certification for the cannabis supply chain. Get to know what you’re growing with insights like closest relatives, common clones, genetic variation and more.


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Roshi is the cannabis industry’s first SaaS platform that actively manages inventory across all stages of the supply chain, and solves real business problems. Manufacturers can manage all aspects of their processes with bills of materials, kitted product functionality, and predictive production planning. Distributors are empowered to automate inventories, logistics, [...]

Humboldt Apothecary

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Humboldt Apothecary is a women owned and operated business nestled in the redwoods of Humboldt County, California. We have over 25 years experience as herbalists, and we consider the most current research while carefully blending our formulas. We have a commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices and quality ingredients. [...]


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SAVA is an online cannabis marketplace and community founded by CEO Andrea Brooks while using cannabis as a wellness regimen, after she suffered a disabling injury that led doctors to tell her she would never work again. From farm to final product, each item in SAVA’s marketplace meets their high [...]


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Mendi started from a shared passion to improve athletes' lives. Their athlete-built recovery essentials feature proprietary natural blends, are made in the USA, and 3rd-party tested. The business is women-owned and is raising the bar for sustainable cannabis farming, giving underrepresented groups a seat at the table, and championing equality [...]


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CannaCraft is a community-oriented brand that provides medical cannabis products manufactured in Sonoma County. They are a vertically integrated company, ensuring that the plant and the product are handled with the utmost care, every step of the process. CannaCraft’s products meet the highest industry standards for cultivation, extraction, product formulation, [...]

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