Spotlight: Amy Margolis, champion for women in weed, founder of The Initiative

2020-03-03T20:36:58-07:00By |

Who better to include in our International Women’s Day profiles than the uber-motivated, women in weed champion Amy Margolis? Amy is an entrepreneur, an attorney, founder of the Oregon Cannabis Association, and creator of The Initiative, an accelerator program, business bootcamp and funding resource for female founded cannabis businesses. In [...]

BevNET: Cannabis Forum 2019: The Challenges Facing Entrepreneurial Brands

2019-07-24T01:44:27-07:00By |

When it comes to challenges in legal cannabis, regulatory hurdles are only one issue facing young THC and CBD brands. New entrants to the category must also contend with product quality and efficacy, reliable sourcing, and establishing strong business connections within the CPG industry. Read Full [...]


2019-07-08T17:39:44-07:00By |

“We believe that a primary understanding of the product is essential, and so 420 in our office is R&D time,” says Joyce Cenali wryly — almost scientifically. A decade ago we’d likely never hear a venture capital partner utter such a phrase — at least not in public. But [...]

Senator Wiener introduces bill; The pain numbers are in – Cannabis in the News week of May 24, 2018

2018-12-12T20:45:56-07:00By |

Here’s what’s catching our eye in cannabis news this week: This week California senator Scott Wiener will introduce a bill designed to ease tax burdens for charities that provide medicinal cannabis to patients at no cost. The senator identifies these charitable groups as unintended casualties of Prop 64 saying, “Applying [...]

Why Every Cannabis Business Needs a Chief Compliance Officer

2018-12-12T20:47:41-07:00By |

The legislative landscape for cannabis is ever changing; more so than most professionals in this industry have ever previously encountered. At a minimum, California operators must comply with state and local regulations, but in large urban areas such as San Francisco or Los Angeles,  operators need to understand the laws for the [...]

Cannabis Private Investment Summit West Highlights

2018-12-12T20:51:05-07:00By |

Earlier this month I participated in the third Cannabis Private Investment Summit WEST in Beverly Hills. This family office summit series highlights the industry’s top entrepreneurs, technology innovations, and investment opportunities, and hosts a bevy of industry experts, entrepreneurs, and government enforcement officials to discuss the critical risks and opportunities investors should consider. [...]

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