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Featuring a panel of exceptional leaders and trailblazers in the California market who can speak to retail, manufacturing, cultivation, vertical integration, the essential support services, and the science. California’s MAUCRSA law and regulatory regime was the model used by a majority of states in the United States when enacting their own laws. Three essential topics will be covered:


  1. What are the challenges facing an investor seeking to find value in the emerging cannabis markets?


  1. What are the common bottlenecks unique to the cannabis industry that hinder success? 


  1. How will we view these opportunities and challenges in a post-Covid world?


The reason for the webinar is to share the panelistsā€™ expertise and experiences across borders and cultures. As attorneys advising national and international clients, we see a predictable life cycle in the cannabis market as it first emerges in a region or state or country and then faces similar barriers, roadblocks, and impediments. Each time, political and business leaders are surprised and frustrated by unintended consequences arising from regulatory and consumer demands. By anticipating these evolving demands, a savvy investor and adviser can better navigate this frenetic yet lucrative industry. The webinar will conclude with some parallels we see between the USA and the European Union.    


Please look for the link to the ZOOM webinar event on our website at www.epperlyelam.com

The webinar itself will focus on the four panelists. If attendees are interested in meeting a panelist, we will schedule networking calls on Friday, the day after.

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