Spotlight – Node Labs on supplying the highest quality true-to-type clones.

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Being flower purists at Big Rock, we adore the smell, taste, effect, and color-rich beauty of a fresh, premium cannabis flower. As we discuss in our State of Flower, 2020, flower continues to be the cannabis market leader in California, and will continue to be the bedrock of the cannabis [...]

Cannabis is Essential

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Foreword from Big Rock Founder and General Partner, Mike Harden:  In any movement there are major defining moments that crystalize progress and define gains. From long-time growers who never thought the day would come to suburban soccer moms, many people were surprised at the inclusion of cannabis on the essentials [...]

Cannabis Private Investment Summit West Highlights

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Earlier this month I participated in the third Cannabis Private Investment Summit WEST in Beverly Hills. This family office summit series highlights the industry’s top entrepreneurs, technology innovations, and investment opportunities, and hosts a bevy of industry experts, entrepreneurs, and government enforcement officials to discuss the critical risks and opportunities investors should consider. [...]

The Power and Potential of Cannabis: Why Now is the Most Exciting Time in the Industry

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Earlier month I had the good fortune of sitting on a New West Summit panel with some like-minded individuals that believe, as I do, in the power and potential of the cannabis plant. What Dave Morin, Roger McNamee, and I discussed left me with renewed vigor that the time is now to [...]

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