The Journey Toward Cannabis Appellations & Why It’s So Important

2020-05-19T17:38:23-07:00By |

First wine, now cannabis. As Richard Mendelson, author of “Appellation Napa Valley” has noted, appellations apply to many things, but wine has been a focus point as it has been long standing in both the old world (Europe) and new (United States) – with lessons that apply to cannabis.  Still, appellations may be [...]

Spotlight: Kim Alter, Nightbird – “Work hard, smart, and passionately.”

2020-03-10T18:12:20-07:00By |

“Work hard, smart, and passionately.” An award-winning chef and most recently nominated as one of James Beard’s Top Chefs of 2020, Kim Alter is a force in the kitchen and beyond, and a huge advocate for women-owned businesses, just like us. Below she shares her thoughts on the restaurant business, [...]

Greenstate awards both SAVA and Octavia Wellness in Best Service – Greenstate Cannabis Awards 2018

2020-07-10T18:28:39-07:00By |

Two Big Rock portfolio companies were recognized today in the Greenstate Cannabis Awards Best Services category. SAVA's curated box delivery was awarded Best Delivery in Northern California while Octavia Wellness's wellness consultant program was honored with Best Personalized Services. We are proud of both of these teams and their hard work at the [...]

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