OARA was founded by Charlotte Troy

Health-minded OARA is led by Charlotte Troy (Founder and CEO) and Heather Whiles (CFO). OARA produces organic dark chocolates infused with sustainable sun-grown cannabis and a daily probiotic.

Founder Charlotte Troy shares her wisdom and inspiration:

What drew you to work with this magical cannabis plant?

OARA was born from the desire to give positively to others through small but significant physical and mental shifts in perspective.

How do you and your company hope to impact and/or inspire women?

OARA makes a product that encourages honing in on and nourishing ones inherent and powerful gut instincts — that when followed, statistically push us in the right direction, even when logic fails the task. We hope to impact and inspire by walking the walk, working with, appreciating, and elevating the women who inspire us to be unapologetic, push for our beliefs, and to develop opportunity and knowledge in this industry with great care and gratitude for all that has come before us. 

What has been the most difficult and the most rewarding thing about building your business?

Two of the most rewarding things about building OARA have been 1) learning how to transmute difficult into reward and opportunity, and 2) seeing the company become greater than the sum of its parts through the impact of the product on consumer experience. 

Cannabis so far is a local industry, born from a global movement. How can leaders across geographies work together to bring other women into the industry?

Leaders can work to bring more women into the industry in two ways, 1) fund women-owned businesses, and 2) all things being equal — do business with women.

What is one bit of wisdom or advice you have for other women looking to lead in this space?

I’ll take the liberty to give a few bits. Become an expert on what you do. Be clear and pragmatic. Know the other side of the table, whatever table you find yourself at. Finally, don’t take shit, and don’t give it. 

Check out OARA and all its deliciousness at https://www.getoara.com/oarahome.