Black-Owned Cannabis Companies

2020-07-09T21:28:00-07:00By |

We are compiling a list of black-owned cannabis companies, brands, dispensaries, etc. with operations in CA that you can find below. We will continue to update the list and encourage readers to email with additional black-owned cannabis companies for whom we can support! Retail – Storefront Blunts + Moore [...]

The Journey Toward Cannabis Appellations & Why It’s So Important

2020-05-19T17:38:23-07:00By |

First wine, now cannabis. As Richard Mendelson, author of “Appellation Napa Valley” has noted, appellations apply to many things, but wine has been a focus point as it has been long standing in both the old world (Europe) and new (United States) – with lessons that apply to cannabis.  Still, appellations may be [...]

Spotlight: Heidi Hudson of Roshi, a platform powering the supply chain

2020-03-05T22:54:06-07:00By |

Next up on our list of women who make things happen, we connect with co-founder of Roshi, Heidi Hudson.  She started Roshi with co-founder and CEO Celia Carter. Roshi is described as the most accurate and efficient inventory management platform for cannabis manufacturers. A must-have, really. Heidi, what drew you [...]

Spotlight: Whitney Beatty, founder and CEO of the Apothecarry Case

2020-03-04T22:13:44-07:00By |

Whitney Beatty is founder and CEO of the Apothecarry Case, a complete humidor organizational system designed specifically to meet the needs of the discerning smoker.  Some of her sage wisdom about being in the space as a female entrepreneur: “The odds are always against you as an entrepreneur, but you [...]

Spotlight: Charlotte Troy, founder and CEO, OARA on Giving Positively

2020-03-02T22:49:10-07:00By |

OARA was founded by Charlotte Troy Health-minded OARA is led by Charlotte Troy (Founder and CEO) and Heather Whiles (CFO). OARA produces organic dark chocolates infused with sustainable sun-grown cannabis and a daily probiotic. Founder Charlotte Troy shares her wisdom and inspiration: What drew you to work with this [...]

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