Spotlight: Heidi Hudson of Roshi, a platform powering the supply chain

Next up on our list of women who make things happen, we connect with co-founder of Roshi, Heidi Hudson.  She started Roshi with co-founder and CEO Celia Carter. Roshi is described as the most accurate and efficient inventory management platform for cannabis manufacturers. A must-have, really. Heidi, what drew you [...]

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Spotlight: Whitney Beatty, founder and CEO of the Apothecarry Case

Whitney Beatty is founder and CEO of the Apothecarry Case, a complete humidor organizational system designed specifically to meet the needs of the discerning smoker.  Some of her sage wisdom about being in the space as a female entrepreneur: “The odds are always against you as an entrepreneur, but you [...]

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Spotlight: Amy Margolis, champion for women in weed, founder of The Initiative

Who better to include in our International Women’s Day profiles than the uber-motivated, women in weed champion Amy Margolis? Amy is an entrepreneur, an attorney, founder of the Oregon Cannabis Association, and creator of The Initiative, an accelerator program, business bootcamp and funding resource for female founded cannabis businesses. In [...]

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Spotlight: Charlotte Troy, founder and CEO, OARA on Giving Positively

OARA was founded by Charlotte Troy Health-minded OARA is led by Charlotte Troy (Founder and CEO) and Heather Whiles (CFO). OARA produces organic dark chocolates infused with sustainable sun-grown cannabis and a daily probiotic. Founder Charlotte Troy shares her wisdom and inspiration: What drew you to work with this [...]

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An Evolving Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is evolving, but does that mean a market turnaround is coming? CNN weighed in on how public cannabis stocks are taking a beating, and Big Rock Partners COO Joyce Cenali was asked her perspective on the future: “Certain investors will reset towards privates with a future exit outcome on a [...]

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